InfoQ: Model-Driven Development: Where are the Successes?

I found a good blog post about more experiences onmodel-driven deleopment at InfoQ: Model-Driven Development: Where are the Successes?. Read it and the articles mentioned.

I have also read through a summary of the study of Sascha Kirstan which was very interesting.Unfotrunatley i don't know if it is avaibale on thenet yet. However both he and Jon Whittle clearly stated that in practice the advantages with model based develoipment are not so much efficiency as quality. In practice the efficiency gains tend to be around 20-30%, not 3-5 times as one can hear among certain the evangelists. And the quality gains are in the same order.
But reducing the number of faults and errors with 20% impresses me more than reducing development costs with 20%.


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